OTSAW introduces the first interactive environment of its kind in the world.

Bringing a new pillar to the Facility Management paradigm: Wellness – To grow and evolve to boost the potential for innovation by supporting the physical and mental health of the clients.

A template of the next generation of living, collaboration, and Experiential Learning.

What is wellness?

The time has come for a new era. Disconnection with our environment leads to anxiety, stress, health and mental wellness issues. The next forward step is bringing people to a place to reconnect with the environment to have a purpose.

Human beings are naturally part of the environment already, we have just disconnected. But we can connect again.

With OTSAW, a new immersive experience can be built with the number one objective: to make human beings happy. Other knock-on effects such as social harmony, efficiency, honestly, integrity, and good health also result in people being happy. Happiness, itself, is undoubtedly the most untapped part of creating happiness, believe it or not.

Programme Goals

Life Optimization

Encouraging people to live their best life of better health, higher performance, and meaningful impact through challenge-based Experiences and on-going support programs.

Live, Play & Work Happily

Programmes for physical and mental wellness. Building resilience to deal with the stresses of our modern lives and lead happier work and home lives.

Humanity is the Asset

Conventional facility management paradigms often neglect the human element. OTSAW knows that humanity is the most important asset, and better wellness will see improvements in the rest of the ecosystem.


Integration. What does it mean? It has many meanings in the modern Facility Management World. Though OTSAW wants to learn from the past, and lead the new future. New elements in the 5 pillars of FM have been joined by two more. Education and Wellness.


Integrating Smart Data for a Beautiful Customer Experience.

The OTSAW Experiences App adjusts programming to support a healthy lifestyle – innovators assess where they are mentally and the app gives them a journey to boost their neuroplasticity, resilience, creativity and stress relief.

Through user interaction, The buildings and environment adapt to the inhabitants. The more that clients interact with the built and outdoor environment, the more you learn and adjust.

Life Optimization

Living the best life of better health, higher performance, and meaningful impact through challenge-based experiences and on-going support programs.

Based on Neuroplasticity

Programmes are built on the foundation of providing individuals with the tools to adapt their brains to respond to challenging and uncertain situations, both through physical and virtual experiences.

Results Driven

Each experience is designed for you with the end result in mind. We want you to improve your life with healthier living, better performance, deeper connections, and meaningful impact. Every facet of our programs leads inexorably toward these goals.

Maximize Health & Wellbeing

Better overall physical and mental health, having learned foundational self-care in nutrition, stress management, and fitness.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

OTSAW Experiences draws upon a diverse global community, comprising many different cultures, careers, and lifestyles. Including entrepreneurs, business leaders, Olympians, creatives, and innovators.

Education & Experiential Learning

The expert-designed programs collate the life experience and science-backed study of a team of life long learners and the knowledge, tools and skills are constantly being updated, improved and refined.

Start your path to a brighter future.