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OTSAW brings Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to the forefront of our daily lives. Automation, IOT and cloud computing are advancing at an impressive rate, and with it brings many advantages that can be applied to our everyday living.

Our Core Technologies
Otsaw responsible technology

Our Core Technologies.

OTSAW’s patented and proprietary KOSMOS, GRAVITY and CONSTELLATION technologies form our fundamental platform for integrating technology and humanity, for the next generation of Smart Cities.

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The key to Smart City design

KOSMOS is our OS, Dashboard and Mobile app to communicate with Smart City robotics and IoT sensor networks to enhance workflows, reduce reliance on manpower, and ultimately reduce energy usage, cost and carbon footprint.

Integration with KOSMOS allows you to see the whole picture at a glance via Dashboard, or drill down for greater detail – accessible in the cloud, from anywhere.

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The Science of Data

OTSAW’s ecosystem is built with many data gathering tools: robotics, sensor networks, and software apps.

GRAVITY is be the data collection point of our system, where KOSMOS powers Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Robotics and AI in Smart Cities

Autonomous robotics for Security, Concierge, Delivery and Disinfection. Through the use of robotics you can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for conventional manpower in services.

Control and command robotic fleets through the KOSMOS dashboard.

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Constellation provides digital access for office property and common area locations, allowing KOSMOS to better understand the movement of its people to create a more efficient and bespoke environment for its people, resulting in increased happiness for the most important part of Smart Cities; The Human Assets.

Built to better understand human assets, movement, while also monitoring our very own robotic technology and even visitors within the buildings themselves.


Robotics & Automation

Automation and robotics for security, delivery, concierge, cleaning and more.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning algorithms to enhance productivity, workflow and daily living.

Integrated Technologies

Integration between robotics, AI, management systems and user experiences.

Human Wellness

Technology and experiences for better physical and mental health of residents.

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