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Shaping Tomorrow: The Rise of Service Robots
Why Service Robots Will Be The Next Big Thing

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What are Service Robots? 

In the world of robotics there is one steadfast truth: Every robot is meticulously crafted for a specific task, yet their ultimate purpose is to empower humanity. Enter the realm of Service Robots, a game-changing innovation that seamlessly blends into our daily lives, bolstering our capabilities and reshaping industries.


Service Robots, the versatile champions of assistance, are designed to tackle repetitive, hazardous, and labor-intensive tasks, freeing humans to focus on more creative and strategic endeavors. These ingenious creations have found their home across diverse sectors – from healthcare to hospitality, security to logistics – steadily integrating into our routines, often without us even realizing it.


Recent statistics from Statista forecast the Service Robotics market revenue to reach an impressive US$28 billion in 2023, a testament to their growing significance in modern society.


But what exactly can these remarkable robots do?

What can Service Robots do? 

The functionality and roles of Service Robots span across industries and contexts. Consider a disinfectant service robot, tailor-made for healthcare settings, yet equally capable of contributing to the impeccable hygiene of hotel lobbies. 


While they excel in specific domains, their utility transcends these boundaries, showcasing adaptability that spans a multitude of sectors. As a result, the presence of these robots enriches the milestones and precious moments of our lives, making them even more memorable.



Service Robots In Action

Imagine a birthday celebration at a restaurant hindered by a forgetful waiter’s oversight – a disheartening scenario. Now, visualize the same celebration guided by a cheerful Service Robot, orchestrating flawless orders and ensuring an uninterrupted festive atmosphere.


The story of Service Robots in action is already being written. Haidilao, China’s prominent hotpot restaurant chain, embraced Service Robot waiters in 2018, and subsequently unveiled a fully smart outlet in Singapore in 2022, adorned with Intelligent Food Room management systems and RFID-tagged dishes for real-time tracking.


Image from: Mothership SG 

The question arises: Why the shift from human waiters to Service Robot waiters? Haidilao’s Chief Strategy Officer, Zhou Zhao Cheng, highlighted a looming surge in labor costs within the food industry, while robot costs are expected to decline. Moreover, the ongoing labor shortage nudges businesses towards automation.



Image from BBC Article: Haidilao: Robots staff China’s top hotpot chain


Service Robots As Solution To Labor Shortages

In an era defined by convenience, the quest for immediate gratification fuels our daily actions. A glace should unlock a phone, a wave should enable payment, a tap should deliver food. In such instances, consumers remain blissfully unaware of the challenges posed by a shortage of labor resources for food delivery.




Here’s where companies like OTSAW step in with innovative solutions. Meet Camello, a groundbreaking last-mile food delivery robot that combines cutting-edge technology and robotics to elevate customer satisfaction while addressing manpower challenges head-on.




Camello flaunts a spacious 100L compartment, capable of transporting up to 20kg while cruising at a zippy 5km/h. Its endurance is matched by a robust 6-hour operational window, fortified by UV-C LED disinfection technology to ensure hygiene. 


Seamlessly integrated with a secure delivery app, Camello redefines efficiency and convenience, ensuring your order arrives promptly – often while your app says “Sorry, Our Drivers are Busy!”



As industries embrace these autonomous marvels, the paradigm of traditional delivery is being rewritten. It’s time to reimagine the way we approach food delivery and redefine our expectations. 


Feasting with a fleet? It’s a recipe for a rethink. Speak to us for a tasteful change. It shouldn’t take 1 car to deliver 1 bubble tea – autonomous robots delivery are here to transform how we experience everyday life.



About OTSAW:

OTSAW is committed to accelerating the progression of technology, empowering businesses, transforming the world and forging a path for the inevitable digital future. We deliver robotic solutions to clients across the globe with diverse teams based in Singapore, Europe and the United States. OTSAW crafts customized robotic solutions for the security, logistics, and cleaning industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology.


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