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Security Robots Are Your New Retail Guardian


In recent years, the retail sector has grappled with a mounting challenge—escalating thefts and robberies. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2022 security report reveals that these incidents have culminated in losses of over $100 billion for the retail industry. Amid this ominous retail landscape, Autonomous Security Robots offer a promising solution.


The Rising Threat Of Retail Theft and Robbery 


In the US, shockwaves rippled as a CNN reporter witnessed 3 thefts in 30 minutes. Organized retail theft has grown in complexity, targeting businesses and causing significant losses. Other recent cases include:


Nike, US (Sep 2023): 

In 2023, Nike closed its factory store in Portland, Oregon, citing ongoing theft as the primary reason. The Portland factory store had been serving customers since 1984 and had a loyal local following.


Image Courtesy: Yahoo Finance  


Yves Saint Laurent, US (Aug 2023):  

Yves Saint Laurent store was targeted by at least 30 suspects in a flash mob burglary, resulting in an estimated loss of $300,000 worth of designer goods.


Image Courtesy: Mirror UK:  


Quark, Japan (May 2023): 

A group of Armed men wearing masks and wielding knives stormed a luxury watch store in Tokyo, and stole over 100 high-end Rolex watches worth between 500,000 to 22 million yen each.


Image Courtesy: Asia News Network 


OTSAW’s Security Solution:


In response to these challenges, we proudly introduce innovative technology. As a global robotics automation company, our Autonomous Security Robots, the Outdoor-Indoor Security Robot – ASR and the Outdoor Security Robot – O-R3 lead the way in this revolution with enhanced security features:



Image: The Outdoor-Indoor Security Robot – ASR



Image: The Outdoor Security Robot – O-R3


Deterrence through Presence:

Our Autonomous Security Robots patrol continuously, equipped with advanced surveillance technology. Their presence is a powerful deterrent against theft. 


Real-time Monitoring:

These robots offer real-time monitoring and video analytics for suspicious activities or unusual behavior. Upon anomaly detection, alerts will be sent to the operators to diagnose the situation and take appropriate actions through our Fleet Management Control System (FMCS).




Cost-Effective Efficiency:

Investing in Autonomous Security Robots is cost-effective. They reduce the need for human security personnel for routine patrols, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks. The robots operate 24/7 without fatigue, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.




Creating a Safer Shopping Environment


The rise in retail theft is a significant challenge that mall owners or security firms must address. Autonomous Security Robots provide a cost-effective solution to enhance security and improve the shopping experience. Robots are seen as the future of work due to two significant issues affecting the U.S. labor force: Labor Shortage and Aging Labor. 


Labor Shortage

Since the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020, the United States has lost millions of workers. As of June 2023, the national labor force participation rate is 0.7 percentage points lower than pre-pandemic levels, representing a departure of 1.9 million workers from the workforce. Check out this interactive map to see which states are suffering from a labor shortage by comparing their Worker Shortage Index ratios.



Aging Workforce

Aging workers, mainly in the US, are causing a drop in the available workforce, with around 70% of the decrease due to retirements.




As labor shortages persist and an aging workforce changes the landscape, seize the future with our Autonomous Security Robots. Secure your mall efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us now and witness the power of our Outdoor-Indoor Security Robot – ASR and the Outdoor Security Robot – O-R3 as your retail guardian. 




About OTSAW:

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