OTSAW AirGuard tackles airborne viruses with UV-C LED light

OTSAW’s AirGuard UV-C LED disinfection fittings for HVAC systems are backed up by recent findings by science journals and investigations now realizing that Covid is airborne. These findings have led to a debate on an overhaul of how we ventilate our buildings, which will limit the spread of other bacteria and respiratory infections.

Bloomberg reported cleaner indoor air will not just fight the pandemic, it will minimise the risk of catching flu and other respiratory infections that cost the US more than US$50 billion (S$66.63 billion) a year, researchers said in a study in the journal Science on Friday (May 14).

Cleaner indoor air will minimise the risk of flu and other respiratory infections.

Overhauling Ventilation

Dr Morawska, who heads a WHO collaborating center on air quality and health and a colleague published an open letter backed by 239 scientists last July requesting that the authorities endorse additional precautions, such as increasing ventilation and avoiding recirculating potentially virus-laden air in buildings.

It is a fact that the SARS-CoV-2 is spread through particles of all sorts of sizes from an infected person’s throat or nose, from just breathing, speaking, singing, coughing and sneezing, usually within a range of 1m. People may also become infected by touching surfaces that have been contaminated by the virus when touching their eyes, nose or mouth without cleaning their hands. Research is also under way to study virus variants that are emerging and why some are more transmissible.

With recent findings at Tan Tock Seng hospital Covid cluster, two thirds of the patients in Ward 9D contracted Covid-19 while being treated for other conditions. There were 44 cases linked to the cluster. It was reported that authorities were studying possibility of airflow and ventilation issues within Tan Tock Seng Hospital wards, and wanted to take precautions, not leaving out any possibilities in the ‘super-spreader’ event.

An overhaul of our indoor ventilation systems is needed to prevent the recirculation and spreading of virus-laden air.

Disinfecting Indoor Air

OTSAW believes as an industry, we can do better to improve the education and understanding of how we can provide clean air, just like the clean water when we turn on our taps.

OTSAW AirGuard modules are designed to fit within HVAC systems and ventilation ducts to disinfect the air with UV-C light.

AirGuard UV-C LED modules are an affordable and scalable solution, integrated within air-conditioning ducts to provide 24/7 disinfection of indoor air.

Small and easy to install in most HVAC systems, coverage can be easily configured per requirements. The LEDs are low power consumption and long lasting, with no environmentally hazardous materials involved, i.e., mercury free.

AirGuard modules can be installed within existing HVAC systems with minimal modification.

UV-C Fittings within public spaces such as elevators, bathrooms and aircon ducts provides better assurance for the general public, disinfecting both air and surfaces for a more comprehensive coverage. We have a second chance, what would you do better?

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