Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany

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Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany.

Autonomous outdoor surveillance robots are cutting-edge solutions for security and surveillance. These robots are designed to patrol predefined areas independently, monitor the environment using onboard sensors, and alert security personnel or appropriate authorities when they detect unusual activities.

Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot.
Enhanced security with machine learning capabilities.
Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany

Data Driven Surveillance

Powered by patented 3D SLAM based navigation technology, OTSAW’s security robot O-R3 is able to autonomously patrol streets, pathways, and open spaces, avoid static and dynamic obstacles, and return-to-base when its energy runs out.

Augmenting Security Operations

Increased productivity at reduced cost

Our surveillance robot operates 24/7 with no breaks, distractions, or sick leave, boosting the reliability and productivity in your security operations, whilst lowering costs.

24/7 physical presence

Round the clock mobile patrolling complements fixed cameras for better physical security. OTSAW’s
O-R3 can operate in various outdoor environments, presenting a physical presence to enhance crime deterrence.

Enhanced security operations

O-R3 helps your company to increase efficiency and effectiveness of security operations. Real-time alerts, and context-specific alarms provide you at any moment with a more accurate understanding of the safety in your property.


Boost Security with O-R3 Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robots

With HD cameras, 360° view of computer vision, and a wide range of sensors, OTSAW O-R3 is able to capture, record, and process a vast amount of information for detailed surveillance.


Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany


Security Surveillance Robot, Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs), Robot as a Service (Raas).

The data is provided to your security team 24/7 in real-time, and always available in the cloud for later review, allowing optimal understanding and decision making in any situation.



The data gathered by cameras and sensors of OTSAW’s security robot is processed in real-time. Computer vision with advanced machine learning based surveillance technology, alerts your security guards at the command center of anomalous situations, enabling them to take appropriate countermeasures as necessary.


Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany
Autonomous Outdoor Surveillance Robot In Singapore USA Germany


On-board data recording of autonomous patrol robot operations ensures no on-patrol data is lost in the event of unreliable communications network.


Active Use Cases

Giving human guards in the control room smart eyes and ears.

Lowering the barrier to entry through Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Lower upfront cost

Full support & maintenance

Free upgrades & updates

Robot as a Service (Raas)

At OTSAW we offer our security, delivery and disinfection robot services on a subscription base to help you reduce time to benefit and be more flexible.

RaaS allows you to enjoy a state-of-the-art quality service and a seamless customer experience from setup to deployment and operations.

Your contract includes setup, training, maintenance, and software updates to make sure your OTSAW device is always at top performance at all-times. 

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