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 SP Group – Trial of vehicle-to- grid1 (V2G) technology

A first in Southeast Asia, SP will test and verify the possibility of tapping energy stored in electric vehicles (EVs). This will enhance grid reliability to cater for the demand on the power grid to support more than 600,0002 vehicles when Singapore phases out Internal Combustion Engine vehicles by 2040.

In a recent press release, SP stated that if V2G technology is proven viable, it can be a cost-effective solution. This will supplement the larger ESSs to overcome intermittency while EV owners can be paid for the use of the EV batteries when needed. 

Mr Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group stated, “ To empower a sustainable energy future, we are proactively investing in and leveraging smart energy solutions to enhance our grid’s capacity for renewable energy sources.“ 

SP Group is a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific, empowering the future of energy with low-carbon, smart energy solutions for its customers. 

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Robots and AI to help with nurse labour crunch

IHH Healthcare Singapore, director of nursing, Mrs Josephine Ong, said there are plans to use robotics and artificial intelligence to assist nurses with some clinical tasks. IHH is one of the world’s largest healthcare networks. It holds Gleneagles, Parkway and Mount Elizabeth hospitals under their wing.

With the pandemic bringing the manpower challenge to the top of the priority list, nurses face long, tiring days. The increase in workload comes from with redeployment of nurses. A big concerns not being able to bring foreign nurses in to Singapore. Technology could be the solution.

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Singapore AI startup, debuts no-code, AI robotics programming platform.

Augmentus, is a no-code, AI robotics programming platform that enables even those with no robotic experience, to program industrial robots in minutes. Using an intuitive graphical interface on a standard iPad. This rids the need for complex coding and CAD files in robot teaching.

According to Business Review, Augmentus is already working with 15 manufacturers to deploy its software for applications ranging from harvesting and plant inspections in urban farms to advanced spraying and welding in automotive production.

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Robotic arms in a car plant

OTSAW was founded to improve business processes, safety, and everyday lives. With a global team, we build robotics solutions for security, delivery, and mobility applications. We implement our self-driving and artificial intelligence technologies into OTSAW’s cutting-edge machines.

OTSAW recently launched the UV-C disinfection eco-system, consisting of autonomous robots and UV-C disinfection stems to be retrofitted. In March, the global launch of the Camello put Singapore on the map for last-mile delivery and courier robots.

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