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First LIVE Coronavirus sample tested successfully with OTSAW UV-C LED disinfection robot


SINGAPORE, Aug 25, 2020 – OTSAW has built the world’s first successfully laboratory tested human Coronavirus exterminating machine using OTSAW’s patented UV-C LED, the O-RX.

Based on results and tests completed on August 21st, a 99.9% efficacy for disinfection was achieved within 5 minutes, for the OTSAW O- RX at a working distance of 2.5m, outperforming specifications of its disinfectant rivals that have not been laboratory tested.

The OTSAW O-RX from concept, design, development and production is made by the team in Singapore. Its battery lasts five hours, and LED lamps make it environmentally friendly. It can disinfect 4000sqft (371.6sqm) hourly.

OTSAW are confident to lead the charge in disinfectant technology. Robot compliance can be based on prediction. It is a necessity when purchasing disinfection service robots, to obtain genuine laboratory results. Findings have given them a whole new certainty in making an impact in the world to help at this difficult moment.

It was a practical and challenging decision to obtain live virus samples, as the samples were prioritised for vaccine development. Amongst OTSAW there is a company ethos that science-based testing is the only way to ensure efficacy and effectiveness against the Coronavirus for the OTSAW O-RX Disinfectant robot.

CEO/Founder of OTSAW Ling Ting Ming said,

“The world has gone through drastic changes and is delicately poised socially and economically for changes ahead. OTSAW and the O-RX are now part of this new world as we restart and focus to unite humanity and beat this virus.”

OTSAW is a global pioneer in advanced robotics technologies and next- generation artificial intelligence for healthcare, security delivery and mobility applications to improve safety, business processes and everyday lives. For additional information, please visit otsaw.com

For media queries, please contact Cecilia Yap at pr@otsaw.com

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