Should You Buy or Rent a Robot from OTSAW?

Robots are increasingly prevalent across multiple industries, from hospitality and healthcare to airports and shopping centres. The term “robot” is disrupting traditional operations and transforming the way work is done. According to a recent report from the University of Houston, robots are projected to replace over a quarter of hospitality jobs by 2030. However, industries that rely heavily on personal interactions may view robots as playing a more minor role behind the scenes.

Regardless, the question of whether to buy or rent a robot remains a significant consideration, as each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

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  1. Flexibility: The robot can be programmed and used entirely as needed.
  2. Financial Advantage: Despite initial upfront costs for purchase and insurance, the company can depreciate the robot and decrease taxable profit.
  3. No Need for Software Development: OTSAW will take care of software updates; there’s no need for the company to develop the software.

Our security robots, such as the O-R3, offer a good example of the decision to buy or rent. These robots can monitor properties remotely, reducing the need for constant attention. As a result, they are less likely to require maintenance in busy environments.


Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) depends on various factors such as function, maintenance, and industry. In customer-centric industries, RaaS is an attractive option as it allows for a more focused approach to human interaction and experience, in addition to financial benefits.

  1. Renting a robot often involves a hands-off approach, as the leasing company is responsible for maintenance and upkeep.
  2. Comparing immediate projections, leasing costs for a robot may be easier to evaluate versus ongoing human labor costs.
  3. With a rental contract, you have the option to continue or not renew, based on factors such as cost, productivity, and experience.


Over the next 10 years, with the increased adoption of robotics and automation, we believe that the overall savings from labor costs, along with the higher productivity and efficiency from technology, will help offset the costs of the required technology for this modern era.

Upskilling local labor in countries like Singapore can be challenging, as a significant proportion of the workforce is comprised of foreign talent. However, robotics and artificial intelligence can replace mundane, repetitive, and hazardous jobs, serving as enablers for a more efficient and productive workforce. With the use of technology, daily and luxury experiences need not be compromised.


Founded in 2015 by Ling Ting Ming, OTSAW is a technology innovator dedicated to building creative solutions that enhance environments, streamline business processes, and improve everyday life. Our expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and software, available for purchase or rent with our robots. Recently, we launched the Camello, a last-mile autonomous delivery robot, globally.

OTSAW is also renowned for our Disinfection UVC-LED eco-system, OR-X Autonomous robot, AirGuard HVAC disinfection system, and TreX Multi-Use Portable Disinfection unit, all of which are mercury-free and energy-efficient.

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