Robots are becoming common across the board of industries . Whether it is hospitality, medical,  airports or shopping malls, the term ‘robot’ is disrupting each and every space. A recent paper from the University of Houston reports that by 2030 over a quarter of hospitality jobs will be replaced by robots. Industries that are more about ‘people serving people’ may think otherwise.  Some believe that robots will be back of the house, in a more marginal role. Either way, we believe, the real question is whether to buy or to rent a robot, as both have their pros and cons.

Buy or rent OTSAW robots
Buy or rent OTSAW robots


  1. There will be flexibility for the company as they can be programmed and used entirely as is needed.
  2. Financially, yes it may mean initial upfront costs for purchase, insurance, but the company can depreciate the robot and decrease taxable profit
  3. Don’t need to worry about software updates as OTSAW will take care of the updates, you won’t need to develop the software. 
  4. Maintenance is our job and no external vendor is needed. Though we see the upside of training someone in-house for minor repairs that won’t affect insurance.

An example to buy or rent a robot, our security robots like the OR-3, can monitor property that maybe remote. This means the robot can be more or less left alone. With less likely hood of being in a busy environment, the real chance of maintenance is very low. 


Robot- as-a-Service ( RaaS) is dependant on functions, maintenance value evaluation and industry. With customer-centric industries, they’d probably put their hands up for this option. Not just from a financially positive view, but it allows for a more focused approach on human interaction and experience.

1. If you rent a robot, this maybe more of a hand’s off approach.  Your company never has to deal with any responsibility as it mainly fall into our hands as the leasing company.

2. To rent a robot, is perhaps easier to compare in the immediate projections, human labour costs versus robot monthly leasing costs.

3. Depending on the contract when you rent a robot, you may  choose to carry on or not renew, looking at costs, productivity and experience .

4. On the flip side when you buy a robot, monthly costs of leasing may be more an owned robot.


The next 10 years will reveal all the results after the pandemic situation. Mainly from higher rates of robotic and automation adoption when we buy or rent a robot. We think that the overall savings from labour costs, higher productivity and efficiency from technology will pay for upcoming technology required for this modern era.

In countries like Singapore, upscaling of labour is a difficult task. We hire mainly foreign talent. We never thought there would be a day where we would close our borders, but it happened and it can happen again. Robotics and artificial intelligence are enablers, replacing the  boring, repetitive and dangerous jobs. Technology does not have to impact a daily or luxury experience.


Founded by Ling Ting Ming in 2015, OTSAW is a technology innovator. We build creative solutions to improve environments, business processes, and everyday lives. We do this when you buy or rent a robot , our artificial intelligence and software. Recently we, globally launched the CAMELLO, a last-mile autonomous delivery robot.

OTSAW is also known for it’s Disinfection UVC-LED eco-system, the OR-X Autonomous robot, the AIRGUARD, HVAC disinfection, and TreX, Multi-Use Portable Disinfection unit. All are mercury-free and energy efficient.

For more enquiries to buy or rent a robot, reach out to our wonderful Customer Experience Officer cecilia@otsaw.com


Cecilia, Customer Experience Officer at cecilia@otsaw.com

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