6 facts you may not know about OTSAW

1. ActiV Technology

You can add this to the list of facts: OTSAW’s founder and CEO Mr.Ting Ling Ming isn’t just about robots. He also heads up ActiV Technology Pte Ltd. Starting back in in 2006, ActiV Technology started out as a 3 men team providing enterprise IT solutions in Singapore. Over time it rapidly expanded downstream and upstream to build extensive ICT and digital capabilities. It spans from network infrastructure works to digital applications development. It is present in 6 countries with over 400 employees.

Logo of Activ technologies, it doesn't deal with robots, but it does provide digital IT solutions
Fact : OTSAW’s Mr. Ling started ACTIV TECHNOLOGY

2. O-R3 autonomous security robot

OTSAW’s launch with robots, originally started off with its first security robot the OR-3. They gained recognition in Dubai for its drone capability that was attached to its 4 wheeled body. Completely customisable, Bedok Reservoir first reported using it to patrol its parks as an autonomous surveillance robot. With 360 degree camera’s, national water agency PUB focused it’s attention during the COVID-19 situation in 2020. This means that the autonomous robot became a Safe Distancing Ambassador.

OTSAW's robots range from security to disinfection. The O-R3 here came with a drone.
Did you know OTSAW’s first robot was for security

3. O-RX autonomous, disinfection robot  

Did you know OTSAW’s O-RX autonomous, disinfection robot, was conceptualised and manufactured in just 60 days from start to finish during the start of the pandemic . As they were using artificial intelligence and engineering technology from the security robots, CEO Ling ting Ming realised OTSAW had capabilities to help others. Thus using contactless disinfection technology to overcome manual labour safety issues. 

UV-C Disinfection robots made in Singapore
Did you know OTSAW’s O-RX was designed and built in 60 days

4. Nature for good mental health

Did you know OTSAW’s different departments enjoy coming together for outdoor activities. Well, mountain biking is on the top of that list. OTSAW’s CEO believes that the great outdoors is an important reset for mental health. Hence his belief that we are wired to be outside and nature ultimately makes us happy.

Did you know OTSAW’s team loves the outdoors

5. Camello robot receives first AMR licence in Singapore

Did you know OTSAW was the first company in Singapore to acquire the autonomous mobile robotic P1 licence. This licence allowed for CAMELLO to run along prescribed pathways, links, park connectors under regulations set by various government agencies. CAMELLO made a global launch at Punggol’s Oasis Terrace.

OTSAW's delivery robots in Punggol
Did you know OTSAW’s robots delivers in Punggol

6. OTSAW Joint Venture with Swisslog Healthcare

In 2021, OTSAW and Swisslog Healthcare forged a joint venture to enhance the Automated Guided Vehicle technology for the healthcare industry. The amalgamation of Swisslog Healthcare’s proficiency with OTSAW’s vast knowledge in AI-enabled technology solutions has led to the creation of cutting-edge AGVs that are set to transform healthcare automation for the better.

For more information on OTSAW’s robots, check out otsaw.com & otsaw-swisslog.com.

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